Setting Up a Freezone Company in Dubai

UAE gives companies a range of setup options. Our setup consultants will help you pinpoint the opportunity that will result in the least burden and the most effective procedures.
Freezone company setup makes it possible for you to have 100 percent ownership of the company and to benefit from Dubai’s lucrative business climate. Otherwise, you need to have a local partner for business establishment.

All Emirates already have rapidly growing freezones due to the high interest in this setup opportunity. Still, freezone companies in Dubai entails following a particular process. We will guide you through the procedures in the shortest possible period of time.

JLT Freezone Companies: Formation Procedure

Anyone interested in establishing a freezone company formation in JLT Dubai will have to complete the same process:

  • Determine the license type that will be needed for your business in JLT
  • Confirm the activities and the legal structure of the company
  • Deal with fees and additional company setup charges
  • Submit the application, as well as all other needed documents
  • Get a business license and certificate

BB1 Business Center can help with all of these steps. We’ll guide you, we’ll give you assistance and prepare the necessary paperwork. All that you have to do is sign the application and get your license when it’s ready.

The Benefits of Freezone Companies in Dubai

Is this kind of business setup right for you? Choosing this model will give you access to a vast range of benefits:

  • The company can have 100 percent foreign ownership
  • You’re entitled to 100 percent repatriation of the capital
  • Tax exemption is given to all companies
  • The tax exemption is renewable after the initial term
  • Governmental support for your establishment

Do you think that a business in the Freezone Companies In Jlt is the right option for you? Give us a call today to discuss the opportunity and get started with the process.